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Dowództwo Garnizonu Warszawa
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Warsaw Garrison Command (WGC) has begun its activities on August the 1st 1995 and took over a significant part of tasks from disbanded at the same time Command of The Security Units of MoD.

WGC is directly subordinated to the Minister of National Defence and it is a military institution responsible for building operational capability of human resources (HR) as well as logistics in order to ensure effectiveness of the Command, Control and Communication (C3) System that supports the chain of command at the political and military level. In addition, WGC performs variety of tasks that include transportation of the main personnel of MoD and the General Staff as well as security of the most important units and institutions of MoD.

WGC’s pride and a real "business card" is to provide a military assistance for the state and military ceremonies such as national days or official visits of the heads of foreign states to Poland.

All subordinated to the Commander of  the Warsaw Garrison units institute an operational system which supports main cells and departments of the MoD as far as logistics, transportation and finance are concerned. Some of them are located in different corners of Poland.